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Esdeath, the woman I hate and love First of all Akame ga Kill was an anime that intrigued me because it gives you both perspectives of people who are at war with one another for the perception that they believe in, in some cases are just blindly following or in Esdeaths case just wanting to dominate everything and everyone in her path.
Esdeath had this survival and cruel attitude/persona that was brought on by her upbringing. She is a sadistic woman who enjoys battle and loves torture with no empathy for the weak and like I said before, wants to dominate! She is pretty much an intimadating individual that you wouldn't want to fuck with....ever....RUN TATSUMI.
Anyway, Interstingly enough she decides through a certain event that she wants to fall in love. Her essentially falling in love brings out a different softer and cuter side to her when around Tatsumi (her "lover") which makes her seem like she is actually human though her having an extreme inhumane nature.
Esdeath was just a super fascinating character who was scary but somewhat endearing and just a total BADASS. The End!
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She is, I have to check her out in action! and Whoaaa I didn't expect that! She sounds awesome boobs and all ;p and nooooo keep going, I am good with it. Gives me more of a scope of what Im getting myself in to if I watch. I'm interested! *Thumbs up Plus I've rambled on far more about far less haha life story and those sad faces are killing meeeeee! @RosePark
she is so amazing as a villain. definitely complex and interesting. she just embodies all the worst things capable of a person in her position, and is granted immesurable power with her teigu. her weird love for tatsumi is also so weird, because to my knowledge this is like, the only time I've seen a villain characterized like that.
Exactly! tru, tru, and truuuuuu. I haven't seen a villian characterized quite like she was. I feel like although it was odd, it was a nice twist to the already twisted mix that made her more interesting to watch. Plus I love contradictions like that. @VinMcCarthy
esdeath I love u sorry tatsumi but the weird thing is u rarely see a villain that wants to fall in love and can switch gears as fast as her like wtf which makes me love her more don't kill me esdeath please
Haha yess! I agree ^.^ @natsu2