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At first, your parents will bug the hell out of you about why you're single, and when you will meet someone -- blah, blah, blah. It's the standard, especially when you're over the age of 18 and the holidays are approaching.
Forgot you're single, and you're having the time of your life? Oh, they'll remind you about how single you are.
And how sad the single life must be.

But here's the weird shitty part: once you do land yourself a beau, your parents will really start to make your life a living hell...


You finally have a girlfriend? Too bad your mom doesn't like her...

When The New GF talks over your mom -- shit starts to get real.

And mami is loud about her thoughts about your new girl -- in front of her.

Lack of filter much, mami? ;____;

Papi will make sure you know their are several guns he can use on you -- if need be. Protecting his little princessa is his job.

And you'll learn real quick that the kitchen knife mami uses if not just for cooking -- but just in case she needs to chop your beau's body parts.

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After watching that YouTube video of that comedian who imitates a Latina girlfriend that you posted, I can definitely see how all of these things listed above can be true!
@mchlyang haha yess
@InPlainSight stop saying all the right things lol
lol...If they're anything like you @alywoah they're awesome!
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