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This chapter is such a tearjerker T_T. Mikan is about to leave. Someone is telling her how her memories of everyone at Alice Academy. Mikan thinks about Natsume and Hotaru (she'll have to forget them as well :(( ) The high school division president (I think) steps out and tells Mikan that they will play a (graduation?) song for Mikan. So this can be like her graduation instead of her leaving the Academy. Mikan cries while smiling and waves goodbye to everyone and says "See you." Shiki is reminded of Mikan's mother seeing Mikan's smile as she walks through the gate. Outside the gate, a shadow of man is waiting to erase her memories. Mikan closes her eyes. Why do I get the feeling her memories *might* not have been erased??? Fast forward, Noda sensei is back to the academy with Natsume who is still breathing!! He asked everyone to get Natsume to the hospital and asked what's the date. Apparently it has been a week since Mikan left. The last page is the scenery of Mikan's hometown. Looks like Mikan has gone back there. I'm curious about the next chapter. We'll probably see how Mikan's living there now. Only 3 more chapters to go. How do you think Higuchi sensei will tie this up? I hope we'll see Natsume and Mikan living happily with everyone at the end. Maybe we'll get to see a time skip? Ch 178 will be out on 5/20. That's a long wait but I'm sure it will be worth it. Please continue to support my summary until the end :) Part 1 + summary: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 178:
summary is finished. do you think Natsume will live? I wonder what happened to Hotaru and her brother
summarizing now :)
@hayaabood969 thanks for link. i'll take a look
@tahinebrun ch 178 hasn't been released yet
Here, i found this I hope it's useful
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