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Hey Vingle Nakama!!!

This is the third installment of the Nani November Nakama Week, where we're all going on tagging sprees in the hope of securing an awesome Erza Scarlett figurine.
Remember: you have to tag someone in your response to the question in order to be eligibile to win!! This way we can build our Vingle Anime family!
On that note, here's the question for today:

Who do you think is the smartest character in anime?

I'm going old school with my pick, back to my childhood days. I pick Izzy, because I remember he was the smartest one of the group in the original Digimon Adventure. He even used his laptop to assist the digidestined on their adventure!
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Smartest anime character...tough one, but I'd have to say Conan from Case Closed even though I haven't watched it in a long time lol That kid solves everything XD @yukanichi
well I can be like that on a laptop but not in math
light even thow he was coaght