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I look at everything and realize I must have these shared Photos/Videos/Gif's.... it made me addicted to my phone. X( (XD) Here is what I take...
...Everything that's cute... Like friggin cute, I edit the first one.
Funny things...
Things that describe me or just plain true...
Then the things that I want to draw or interest me for no reason. Yeah, I fan on things. I also just entertain myself without internet. So that concludes my interests and why I add everything I clip of just put on my phone. >w< There ya go. I'm out with one more pic!
Everything in JAPAN involves Anime!
this is awesome! and yeah goku, they do grow up so fast >.< though honestly, not everything in Japan is anime themed. it's about as popular there as it is in the states.
@VinMcCarthy. Thanks, I think I put up too many different topics XD