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Am I the only one who goes to Target for dish soap, but ends up leaving with $250 in candles, cardigans, and tabloid magazines? WHAT IS THEIR SECRET?
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Yessss, it's like no escape and you just buy everything like "Who needs dinner for 3 months anyway!"
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as one that works at target as a cashier I know what you mean. every 1 out of 5 people I check out say this. as for the secret I would have to say the sale/gift card signs. oh and your memory when you pass by an item an you realize that you are almost all out of it.
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@danidee mine is cosmetics or home furnishings. I always look at the expensive decorations I can't have lol sometimes I get them anyways
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@petname83 I was originally from wi! now I'm in NC
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Lmao you just don't have restraint
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