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Hello Kpop Vingle Family! ^^ So I've been planning to do a dance cover to Block B songs because of their US Tour and km so excited to see them in Chicago!! I finally got it recorded and uploaded today so I thought I'd share it with you guys ^^ Hip Hop dance is not my forte lol so I look a little awkward and because of rain had to record inside so the swing flag was hard to to use lol but it was fun and I hope you guys like it >< I'm surprised I got the hip hop moves to look even this good lol!
The choreography from the first song Lol by Kyung & Zico, was choreographed by Repter and performed by him and B-Bomb which you can watch here! They of course are on a while different level from me lol. The other songs are Block B songs and their choreography. Then the swing flag if course was choreographed by me tho due to low ceiling wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be but oh well. Hope you guys like it! I had fun doing it ^^ personally I'm actually pretty satisfied with it!!