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It is time to announce the winner of last week's Funny Caption Challenge! There were 30 different entries this time around, and the winner is @CreeTheOtaku - who submitted the caption posted above!
As the winner, their entry will be the Funny Community's Featured Card of the Week - aka the first card that all Vingle visitors will see when visiting the Funny Community! They also get to choose this week's funny photo!
Also, a special shout-out to our second and third place winners: Congrats, @AlexanderBeta and @Exoexo!
Keep your eyes on the lookout for this week's challenge, which will be posted sometime on Wednesday. And if you want to be kept in 'the know', follow the Funny Caption Contest collection to ensure that everything regarding the contest pops up on your feed!
Wait I won.....? This is the next most happiest thing then seeing vixx's comeback mv
@CreeTheOtaku Buhahahaha that was the best response.
@CreeTheOtaku Woohoo, I liked yours the best! I'm glad you got it! :D I even showed my mom this one and she laughed a bunch. She loves narnia and cats XD
@AlexanderBeta thank you! and congrats to you too
@CreeTheOtaku Woohoo! Congratz!!!
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