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What are these counters on VIXX's website?!

After the MV released, the website was updated to have these counters?!

There's six of them, so I'm going to assume 1 per member. You can see it on the website yourself here!!

They're constantly going down but I don't know what they're for?!

Rovix just tweeted and said that based on number of views, there will be special videos?! Could that be it?

Let's keep watching to get these special videos :)

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@KAddict Yes. Yes they are. hahahah @TaeJinMaknae I already have it going on repeat!!!
Really vixx!! I could barely take the MV chained up! Now there's more! Im not going to survive this!!
Ooh really cool! I think it is like 600k, 700k, 800k, 900k and 1 million since the MV just came out and it is closest to those numbers