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After reading an article about this on I was really shocked. This really breaks my heart to pieces! Knowing that they get punished mentally or physically.. I couldn't believe my eyes after I read this article. I can't believe they went through so much and still showed us all a big happy smile. The article is on this link:
Awwh, my poor SEVENTEEN oppas. I hope they are doing fine and will push through everything like they have been. Always keep your big smiley faces on! I'm so glad and grateful they have been successful this whole year! Love you SEVENTEEN! Too all my other SEVENTEEN fans, let's always support them and show them our love! 鉂わ笍
I swear. SM and Pedis need to stop being massive dicks before shit really goes down. you never know who could be a fan of the groups. a real powerful person could love Seventeen and you gonna regret it when they knock your ass out of the industry
why must they do this to seventeen. our precious angels. 馃槪
Not my babies!!!!!
In Korea, those things that you're calling 'physical abuse ' is very usual. It is considered as very light punishment. I understand if you cannot understand this, but it is in Korea. And most of idols need to speak standard Korean cuz they are working in Seoul and it is most of Seoul citizens can't understand dialects. If their concept is to appeal with their dialects, they can speak in dialects, but SEVENTEEN is not in this case. And I feel that most of the article you're reading is based on Pann. As Pann is a korean site, and I'm Korean, I want to say not to believe in Pann. There are so many incorrect infos and just busy to catch and say bad things about other idols and make a shield to their idols.
That's not cool. Makes me want to go to S. Korea and perfect them. I don't like hearing about kids being abused. Especially in public and no one does nothing to stop it.
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