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Cam Newton had enough of the lack of support in his home stadium and took a stand this week.
The talented quarterback tore down a Packers banner that was near the entrance where Newton and the Panthers run onto the field.
"We take pride in having an edge in playing in Bank of America Stadium, of playing in front of the Carolinas each and every week," Newton said. "I feel it's my due diligence to protect this house. It wasn't just about tearing down a sign. It was respect."
According to a report in the Fayetteville Observer, the owner of the banner took issue with Newton's actions and told stadium police it was stolen. He said he paid $500 to have the banner made, and he wants it back.
How do you feel about this? Should Cam issue a apology for ripping down the banner, or was the fan out of line for posting a banner right in front of the Panthers entrance?
That was totally uncalled for by the fan. Show some respect!
lol Cam gives no f**** haha idk ive played ball before and i never liked it
What did the fan think would happen,,Cam signing the poster?,, I don't think so.