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Thanksgiving is about roll around soon, and for some of us that means pork -- LOTS of leftover pork. My favorite thing to do with leftover pork is to make awesome sandwiches. Pernil on it's own is full of flavor and it's the perfect kind of meat to make delicious sandwiches with. And just like with sliced ham, turkey, and chicken -- you can either make this sandwich warm or cold. Your choice.
By the way, penil is pork shoulder...the best part of the pork EVERRRR.

What You'll Need:

Sliced leftover pork shoulder
Puerto Rican bread
Chili powder
Sliced tomatoes
Cheese of choice (optional)

How To Make It:

1) Cut bread in quarters.
2) Mix the mayo, chili powder, and cumin together.
3) Apply mayo mix to the inside of the sandwich. Add the sliced pork, cheese, and sliced tomatoes.
Latinos always be having the best kind of food, and there's more where that came from...HERE
@alywoah Iove different types of bread...I want to find a Puerto Rican bakery now.
@alywoah I concur.
Lol I won't blame you @mchlyang. Pork belly is good too -- any part of the pork that's fatty is good lol
So I might give it a try with pork belly instead haha
Ahhh this looks amazing. I also think pork belly is the best part!
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