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I'm going DC evil guys... Meet Granny Goodness.. She has ties with Darkseid and she also has a female crew that can kick anyone's assets around (♥ Bloody Mary)
Granny and her crew has brainwashed Wonder Woman before to join her bad a** crew and she also have been a torn in the JL side as well. Granny is an awesome Villian with Immortality Superhuman physical attributes Great tactician & warriorAbility to use Apokoliptian technology without being consumed by it. Now... What would would you do if you were Granny Goodness for a day? Would you bring down terror on the JL or sit back and let your crew of violent vixens go to work? Or Hell, over throw Darkseid!?
Remember have fun my happy Vingler community! @shannonl5 @nobankai again I'm a bad with tagging. Lol
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Batman beats everyone some how. He is very calculating.. People argue that is not a super hero because he does not have powers, however I think he is great because he does not need powers to kick your butt. He is smart and he is always a step ahead. That's the best power @nobankai
Lol I really only remember her from Teen Titans... Idk I feel like I wouldn't have much fun being her
Lol @shannonl5 you would have to have a evil laugh and take over the world
Thank you everyone! Here is the next http://www.vingle.net/posts/1205576?shsrc=v