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I posted a card earlier about this anime and I also expressed my absolute distaste for Midori Nagamasa of the Hoshishiro group in Aoharu x Machinegun. People who tear a person down to their core and squeeze the soul until it is completely broken are the worst! I am with Hotaru-chan on condeming this evil and saving Mattsun. This mofo needs a fierce hand of karma dealt straight to his cold black heart. I want Hotaru to stomp all OVER Midori's smug mug and induce true fear into him.......... I loathed that he was excited by her inner psycho. I really hope she reaches a whole new level the next time Toy Gun Gun and Hoshishiro face off.
I mean look at this mofo!!!! He is tearing Matsuoka apart here. I dont mind a dominatrix but sheesh. Midori your duel winchester wielding ass has a limited number of days until karma strikes you down and I wait with baited breath..... @hikaymm lol how was that?
@hikaymm I watched it!!! Kya! I wanna imprison yukimura in my closet. He's freaking adorable. You so have to watch this. ❤
@AshelyJewell Though Midori is a dick, I'm not going to say I hate him. Rather ..I have a strange attraction to his sadistic tendencies. Doesn't go much further than that though. If I met someone like that in real life I'd have no issue with breaking their pretty face, lol. 😕
I love it!!!! Great job @AshleyJewell i need to watch this :P
:3 Yes he is. The scene where Midori pins him down like that cracks me up.
I just finished Death Parade and Parasyte so this is next! I'm starting tonight! Luckily it's short so I could push it up my Watch list. lol
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