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Kim Tae Hee's first drama stills from SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung.” On March 18th, the production of the drama released the first stills of Kim Tae Hee in full character for her first historical drama. In the photos, the actress is sweetly smiling, as she wears a gorgeous purple-and-black hanbok, adorned with a pink flowery pattern over the shoulder. Cherry Blossoms petals falls all around her making her look like an angel. The actress will play the role of Jang Ok Jung, a woman who was born with the gift of fashion. She will become Joseon's first fashion and make up artist. Costume designer from the drama stated, “We decided to created a look that perfectly fits her style, and natural gift of fashion. The costumes will show her sophisticated fashion taste and will well describe her as the designer she was.” "Jang Ok Jung" is a story about Jan Hee Bin, a famous concubine in the Joseon Dynasty, who was accused of being behind Queen In Hyun's death. Her character has been portrait many times, but in "Jang Ok Jung" the story will be focused on her lady-in-waiting to Queen Dowager Jangnyeol status and as a make-up and fashion designer in the Joseon Dynasty. The drama will begin on April 8th, on Monday and Tuesday on SBS at 10Pm (KST).
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