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TOP is the best, like even if he's not your bias he's a bias wrecker. . . Even GD can't handle TOP feels :P
JiYong what do you think about TOP hyung...he's cute right?
Yeah you know it he's cute
TOP:I'm not really cute.. GD: You're cute Me: Your adorable AF♡♡
GD:*activates fanmode*
Same GD same... ~(^_^)~
I can't handle the power of GTOP they slay my life every time ♡ . . Like I love them so much that I don't even know why I like them (Does that even make any sense....if you understand want I mean. That's a sign that your too far in the fan girl life ...there's no going back lol)
♡♡ Good Night Guys, I Love You ♡♡
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아이고 I completely get what you're saying..