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8 Brainy Korean Artist!
Changmin DBSK With an IQ of 155 Changmin was the 9th in his school During DBSK’s early days, Arirang International ranked Changmin as one of the brainiest/most intelligent Kpop stars, a recognition that was also repeated by Pop in Seoul.
Hani EXID With an IQ of 148 EXID'S Hani scored 900/990 on the TOEIC after sudying english for only 2 months !
Onew SHINee On his senior year of high school he scored the 2nd highest national score in his SAT
Lim Si-Wan ZE:A Si-Wan majored in mechanical engineering before he dropped out to pursue singing One of his special talents is to solve a rubiks cube in les that 40 seconds
Rap Monster BTS With an IQ of 148 BTS' Rap Monster scored 900/990 on the TOEIC and parts of the 1.3% in the nation!
Tablo Epik High An IQ of 160! And a masters from Stanford University Tablo passed a semester with only A and A+ 's
Kyuhyun Super Junior Kyuhyun studied law before becoming an idol and would has succeeded if he didn't pursue his singing career. He is even smart enough to win his school's math Olympics
Taecyeon 2pm Taecyeon is fluent in Korean, Japanese, English, and Spanish. And he got a perfect score on this TOEIC!!
Which one shocked you the most? Is there someone I missed?
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One more reason for Kyuhyun to be perfect :'). I love math too :')
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