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As the future pirate king and my pride as captain of the straw hats I would face any darkness even if it is blackboards dark dark powers and get my NAKAMA back. Each and everyone is a precious loved one to me who I would die for, that is why I vow to become king of the Pirates. This straw hat will lead me to the way to becoming the king and protecting my NAKAMA!! NAKAMA for life!! Also anyone know what anime this is from? If you get it right I'll give you a special surprise!! You get to become a straw hat and be my NAKAMA for life!!
Howl's Moving Castle! and I would brave whatever needed braving for my Nakama.
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Nice right you are and that's how it is. NAKAMA for life!!
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I agree with @VinMcCarthy Nakama, i'm coming for you!
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@TiffanyWallace that's how it has to be :) NAKAMA for life!!
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