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Okay, this is really the first time that I have sat down and payed attention to this boy group. Their music video Storm just came out today around the time VIXX's Chained Up came out - which is where I was at the time - and so far they have 5,991 views, 1,108 likes, and 25 dislikes (boo, you haters). I don't entirely understand why they are being disliked by the 25 because they are: 1, handsome, 2, good dancers, and 3, they have nice voices. They sing well with one another and they are in sync with the movements throughout the whole video. The video was put together really nice as well by the producers.
**They are the bother group to Girl's Day, I didn't know that until a few minutes ago.
Debut: 11-9-15
Label: Dream T Entertainment
Official Music Videos: Storm - so far
Kim Munhyuk
BD: 04-11-92
He is Korean
He is 5ft 10in
Blood type A
Weighs 134lbs
Positions is unknown
Kim Yeong Jun
BD: 05-21-94
5ft 10in
Blood Type B
weighs 154lbs
Position is unknown
Kim Ki Ho (Goes by Sign)
BD: 10-24-94
Nationality NA
5ft 10in
weighs 137lbs
Blood Type A
Position unknown
Kang Byung Seon (Goes by Sun)
BD: 12-31-95
5ft 9in
Weighs 132lbs
Blood Type O
Position unknown
Park Jong Bin (J.Vin)
05-28-96 ( 3 months and one day older than me lol :D)
5ft 10in
Weighs 132lbs
Blood Type A
Position unknown
Dream T put this video up to introduce us to them.
I do not own any pictures, videos, or people (lol) in this card. All information has been brought together by different sources for others to see and enjoy and enlighten so that they can get to know the band.
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I actually enjoyed this debut. It wasn't like a crazy turn-up type jam....but the song had a slow build that I can appreciate. Choreo was solid. Good voices, gorgeous faces, and the MV was well shot. Good stuff πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘