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It's time to clear this up.

There are three actors named Chris in the MCU and frankly, it's getting impossible to tell them apart. They're all just too stinking hot. So, let's settle it once and for all!

Chris Hemsworth

He's a proud parent, an incredibly dedicated performer, and as his Instagram tells us, he's kind of a dork. Hot damn!

Chris Evans

He's a supporter of LGBT+ rights, a budding director, and a former student of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. It's getting hot in here!

Chris Pratt

He's a philanthropist, a Christian, and a talented comedian. Feeling hot hot hot!

Yeah, it's early for Valentine's day.

But seriously, who's hotter? And yes "all of them" is a valid answer.
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I think Chris is the hottest. That's the only way I can answer this question.
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1. Hemsworth 2. Pratt 3. Evans
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@RoyallyPrincess lol you win
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Chris Hemsworth is the hottest
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