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Movies/TV Shows Reimagined as Little Golden Books
When I was growing up, I spent my afternoons at an after-school program for kids that had parents who worked late. So, instead of going home I'd hang out with a bunch of other kids at my school. But the truth is that I spent more time next to the bookshelves than I had spent next to the actual kids.
And there were these Little Golden Books, with that yellowish-brown spine. Every book looked like it was older than me. I remember reading (maybe not reading, but just looking through) all of them. I'd hold one next to me during "nap time". Those books were my friends back then and I'll always look back at them fondly.
That being said, you could probably imagine how excited I was to see some of these movies and television shows repurposed as Little Golden Book covers. Joey Spiotto's pieces are being showcased at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles and if you're not in that area, I left some of my favorites for you guys to check out below. I think they're all really cute (at times in a dark sort of way) and they're all amazing.
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@Lorena13 that's definitely one of my favorites. I think I like the Hunger Games one too, though. Have you checked out the rest of the pieces? he did a lot for a bunch of different movies/tv
My friend and I were talking about seeing this, maybe Saturday. Not sure yet. It's cool, though, right! He also features musicians and bands. :)