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Just a few days ago, a hashtag called #LatinasAreNot became super popular on Twitter. And the Latino community spoke up about the stereotypes that we face, and want to debunk. The campaign was actually created by Huffington Post.

Let's take a look as some of the tweets...

#LatinasAreNot just one color. We're white, we're brown, we're black, and we're proud.

#LatinasAreNot here for you to ask us to say something in Spanish because you think it's hot.

#LatinasAreNot here to make you food and call you papi we are not your servants we are humans.

#LatinasAreNot all curvy, light caramel goddesses with long, dark hair. Latinas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

#LatinasAreNot all white, indigenous American or mestiza. Many are of African descent.

#LatinasAreNot acting "white" when they are educated and speak eloquently about politics or social issues.

#LatinasAreNot spicy, caliente, hot, fiery, and any other adjective you can think of that applies to food.

#LatinasAreNot always fluent speakers of Spanish.

#LatinasAreNot a fetish or a stereotype. We are individuals worthy of respect, and our voices deserve to be heard.

#LatinasAreNot new to feminism. We've been fighting for equality with our own feminist movements as far back as our histories go.

#LatinasAreNot submissive.

#LatinasAreNot happy when you call us "mamacita"...we aren't your mothers.

#LatinasAreNot all "Mexican/Spanish." don't discount their heritage just because you're too lazy to use proper language.


#LatinasAreNot ______
Latinas are not always loud and obnoxious. 馃槉
#LatinasAreNot _criminals_
And that is why people should never generalize!
Latinas are very Good People I have no problem with Latinas. they R 馃槑
@alywoah thats sweet to say 馃榿thnx.....we definitely are all different I just found it hilarious that I fit them so well 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I actually have two latina friends that can't speak a lick of Spanish and their idea of cooking is anything microwavable lol
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