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Its here you guys and OMG I am speechless right now!!! VIXX comeback MV Chained Up has been released and all I can say is.. I HAVE LOST MY INNOCENCE ONCE AGAIN!!!!

Still don't get the whole "shirtless while wearing suits thing" but hey I'm not one to complain!!! XD

Lol Enjoy!!!

What do u think of their comeback???

@AimeeH @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay @baileykayleen I loved ur reactions lol!! (Tag anyone else I forgot) #YAKSQUAD
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I'll have to check it out. I haven't been on Vingle for a few days so I wasn't aware it came out... But I'm soooo happy that VIXX is having a comeback!!!
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All my idols are getting older and more scandalous...honestly I'm not even mad.
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mah lawd I thought I was ready....... but I wasn't....
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i died
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Watching them on the V app early, early this morning.
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