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**I won't give away actual spoilers in this card, but I will talk about some details of the anime, so be advised!**
I finally caught up on Comet Lucifer after being insanely busy last week, and BOY AM I EXCITED!!! I really love this anime more than I thought I would, and I can honestly say I think everyone should give it a chance.
I am a bit frustrated that we have made it to episode 6 and not much has happened still, but I'm enjoying the animation and story anyways, so what's the harm?


Felia is absolutely adorable.

The action scenes are really well done!

Kaon is really cool!

I feel like she's getting screwed so far in the plot and hopefully things will turn for her, somehow, but I really love having her around as a character.

Sogo is alright, lol

I often hate some male MCs especially when there's a clear two girls going after him dynamic going on (which isn't necessarily happening but deff alluded to like from episode 1), but Sogo is ok. Dense, but ok lol.

Some people have been saying this anime thus far is disappointing so far, but I think we're being set up to have our minds BLOWN with awesome, so who is going to stay tuned with me?!

@deadzoned she's definitely getting less cute, but she'd annoy me if she stayed like eps 1-2 forever to be honest! I'm still hoping we'll get a bit more depth that will validate it for me....we'll see!!! @brvnhildr @Rukia530 Glad I'm not the only one enjoying it ^-^
it was alright until the most recent episode. none of the character's or mechas have any depth or history. even felia isn't as cute as she was in eps 1-2
Definitely one of my favorites this season
I am liking it so far. 馃槉
@hikaymm honestly, i want her to stay cute more than i want the story to get gud, lol. waifu problems