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Uh? When did APRINCE break up?!

Their song 'Hello' is SO CUTE! I wasn't really a fan but I totally squealed over them a few times.

Well, anyway, it turns out that a new group called MAP6 is actually made up of 4 old APRINCE members plus one non-APRINCE member.

Their style is TOTALLY different! They all turned into rappers and the cute image definitely has been erased.

Check out their MV here:

The song and MV are a little unoriginal but its a pretty good song!

What do you think?

Did we have any Vingle A-PRINCE fans?

@DiandraTorres @ CheyenneJessee
OMG. My sister and I were literally JUST TALKING about APRINCE because someone from a group was a former member or something... I don't know. But I'll check out their M/V TOMORROW!! :D
I've never hears of APRINCE before but now that I know MAP6 is them I want to go check out their old songs.
I had never even heard of this group until now. I love the comeback.
I was sad when I found out they weren't together anymore. But, I was happy when I found out about the new group. I'm just glad the ones I like are in the new group!
Ahhhhh! Fan girl right here! I also found out about this not too long ago, and was also confused! 😂 but I think coming back as MAP6 pulled them much closer!