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Is the way someone smells more important than the way they look?

This video from The Search for Sexy was super informative – it turns out there's a lot of science that goes into who we're attracted to!
I liked the fact that this video starts from the fact that the way you look isn't all that matters when it comes to being sexy. People have both consensual (common) and idiosyncratic (unique) preferences in choosing a mate. And these aren't limited to the visual.
As members of the animal kingdom, humans have their own pheromones. Your nose won't lie to you – the way someone smells can actually tell if they're a good genetic match for you (as far as procreation goes), if a person has a symmetrical face, and dictates a lot about whether or not you'll be attracted to them.

Check out this video to learn a few tips and tricks about ways you can appear sexier – like the secret to making a pickup line actually work!

What did you think of this video? And their view on boobs vs. butts?
Does the way someone smells change how you feel about them? :)
Hahaha yeah @WiviDemol @BluBear07 I know, I thought that too!!! So funny that the science just doesn't back that up. Good thing too, because I've always thought I was lacking in the boobies department o.O
smell is suuuper important to me. I once went out with a guy who always smelled like his was disgusting. Didn't matter how well we got along the smell just turned me off completely. I find it interesting that most guys don't really care for boobs that much...I thought it was the exact opposite. I have pretty big butt courtesy of ma momma lol and I always hated it. This makes me feel alot better. 😄
I think it's hilarious the way she flirts with the doctor. I guess if science says the butt to waist ratio is the key, who am I to object, but I think the big flaw is that this concentrates too much on physical attraction. It's so easy to be attracted to someone without having even met them.
I totally agree on smell, though, @BluBear07. It's like the number one thing that determines if I'm into a guy. It shows he's clean, and that we have compatible genetics hehe. I'm sure guys love your big booty!!! It seems like ever since the Kardashian era started, everyone is so into butts... I gotta do some squats!!!
wow. me too I have always believed that guys prefer big boobies