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And it's just like you've imagined it. The Washington Post did a thrilling story on the whole thing, and it's pretty intense and secret if you ask me.

Here's why...

First, you get a secret request:

Leonard Reinsfelder a high-school Spanish teacher with multiple graduate degrees, was given a note by his wife. She had found found the note on her car while out shopping.
The note said: “Have your husband give us a call. We think we could use him.” Then a phone number.
Thus began his career at the National Cryptologic School.

Second, you get trained in all things cryptic:

National Cryptologic School legendary cryptologists teach classes in science, technology, engineering and math skills.
They learned how to hack drones, languages like Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, and well, the rest is sort've unknown.

Third, they live a life of uniformity:

The headquarters in Maryland, in an old warehouse converted into an academic building. It's uniform, they wear uniforms, and the students are unknown.

They live a life building themselves to be the best employees of the NSA.

A life that I still find creepy and interesting...

Tech and Data Sharing people, what do you think of this school? We've seen the NSA do a lot in the past, but what are they building up the future with these students?

I've heard of a company that does that for their employees, so I'm going to research this A LOT MORE. lol @DaivonUnderwood
😂😂it's like a chip or more or less a piece of plastic that sticks to your skin. And it has like circuits running through it. It allows you to open doors, turn on your computer (etc). it also holds your sensitive information. There testing it right now. ☺️google it. Very interesting stuff. But SCARY😁 @nicolejb
@quietone and @thefeels you seems to have the same thought about the note. how would you deliver the message? I feel like I would send like a robot envelope or something that self-distructed. like in the Incredibles. Xd
aight. homegirl I gotchu. I'll put in a word for you when i test test in to those fancy-shmancy government things if u do the same for moi
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