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Think of the cutest scene from a videogame. now play it with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and (s)he's great at it. you get to a cute cinematic and you notice (s)he's laying in your lap, looking up at you with eyes that say more than you could ever speak. That's the relationship I'm looking for. I want a girl who will be interested in the same things as me and will sit down and watch girly movies, and then right after watch horror and action films. I want a girl who plays a game for the story, and someone who enjoys the little things.
What kind of relationships are you looking for?
Ahh..the only video game I play if FIFA....that's awkward haha.
Same. The only person I go to school with that I would go out with that has these qualities likes someone else. But who cares, we're best friends:) we could be friends too, @KingOfHearts 😄
Oh wow😂
I'm down @LilianaZeferino. let's go out. XD
A relationship where I can watch anime, play video games , and watch horror movies with my boyfriend. Like that will happen😐
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