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Ahhhh!!! Naruto has taught me so many things and I love how he tries to fix every single problem on his own at times. Naruto is my anime crush Since I was a small kid, my whole life was watching Naruto, and it amazes me on how much I can grow from that show. It taught me to continue with my dreams! And the bond of friendship. HOW DID NARUTO AFFECT YOU?!? _Jizeru
@MichaelMahoney // Nope lol. It introduced me to the world of anime too
Naruto and most anime in general, have lessons intertwined with them. Naruto taught me that just because your life sucks now, that doesn't mean it has to continue sucking. He was made an out cast because he was a jinjuriki (or however you spell it) and chose to become a hero and eventually the hokage.
Introduced me to the world of Anime. Need I say anything else?
I was able to relate to naruto on a deep level. I was alone in this world shunned by everyone. foster home to foster home. and then 1 person changed that. throughout my life after I gradually gained friends and acceptance. I look at naruto as an inspiration and the way I live my life
I think the best part of it to me was that it showed that even if someone loses their way for a while doesn't mean that they are necessarily beyond redemption.
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