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Ahhhh!!! Naruto has taught me so many things and I love how he tries to fix every single problem on his own at times. Naruto is my anime crush Since I was a small kid, my whole life was watching Naruto, and it amazes me on how much I can grow from that show. It taught me to continue with my dreams! And the bond of friendship. HOW DID NARUTO AFFECT YOU?!? _Jizeru
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Introduced me to the world of Anime. Need I say anything else?
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@MichaelMahoney // Nope lol. It introduced me to the world of anime too
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It taught me never give up no matter the odds
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I was able to relate to naruto on a deep level. I was alone in this world shunned by everyone. foster home to foster home. and then 1 person changed that. throughout my life after I gradually gained friends and acceptance. I look at naruto as an inspiration and the way I live my life
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Was first introduced to Naruto playing the one shippuden fighting video game, the game was so fun I ended up watching the series just to see how it all went together, the series is addicting as hell! Absolutely Powerful writing & artwork 馃榾
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