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A recent study came out confirming that gaming helps with those dealing with depression.
And it's pretty amazing how the two fit together.
My good friend @RaquelArredondo published a card on how gaming helps children develop social skills, and it inspired me to do some digging! Check out the card <<HERE>>

Gamers, get excited about this news...

Creates a "Gameful" Mindset

1.23 billion people play games globally, including 155 million people in the United States. And Stanford University took a look at these gamers brains and habits.
Games require a lot out the player. They require you to solve puzzles, go exploring, or just extreme concentration. This focus, motivation and determination is essential for someone experiencing depression or anxiety. It keeps them aware of their surroundings and concentrating on something external.

It Strengthens Part of Your Brain

And as it turns out the parts of the brain it strengthens are actually under stimulated for those suffering from depression. These regions are the region most associated with motivation and goal-orientation (often referred to as “the reward pathways”) and the region most associated with learning and memory (the hippocampus).
So you are literally improving the part of the brain that need help. Just like strengthening a weak muscle to make you overall more heathly.

We Keep Wanting to Win

Games are addicting. Even I, not an avid gamer can get with that.
Essentially the more you keep trying, the more you want to win. No wonder people play Candy Crush for eternity...because you can continue to get better and better.
This creates a similar "goal oriented" habit in the gamer. They keep wanting to get up, to keep trying. To essentially keep #winning.
The article and study makes a really great point that I'm making my new mantra for life.

"The opposite of play isn’t work. It’s depression. " So play can reverse depression.

Let's keep playing peeps. Because as it turns out there are a lot of emotional benefits to playing games.
the next time my girlfriend calls me a nerd for being such an avid gamer i will tell her im curing depression! 😂😂
@butterflyblu I know exactly what you mean whenever I play C.O.D. or league of legends I just release all the punt up negative energy and just have fun
I'm a gamer girl since I was like 6 I kinda stopped as I got older because my sisters messed up my game console and they didn't give me time to play so I just stopped but I have noticed that my mood is different from back then I use to be always happy and stress free now I'm depressed and bored a lot I'm going back to my games I want to get a ps4 also games develop good hand an eye coronation which is very helpful
well admittedly I am quite antisocial so that part may be true
ja now I got something to say to all those people who say I just rotting my brain n becoming antisocial
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