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We've got to prepare for our next battle!

Let's be real here: we're up against some powerful foes. #TeamStark has some powerful alliances and we need to be prepared for the next battle. Which means it's time for a strategy session. What do we need to do to prepare? More training, better weapons, additional allies? Let's talk about it!
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@shannonl5 I know I'm just too lazy too make cards lol plus I'm in Mexico at the moment so all I have is my phone Internet no computer it's hard to make longer and more complex cards on my phone...
@FernandoGarza lol I get it I'm trying to make really simple ones for this so it's easier for everyone to make
@shannonl5 you go soo hard the cards and make them all awesome and I'm just here like yeah I have too look up pics and stuff that's a lot of work lol Idk how you do it your my hero
@FernandoGarza awww you're sweet