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Korean dramas aren't all romance and happy moments, sometimes there is a lot of violence and pain. One theme that constantly shows up in K-dramas is bullying - and not just typical mean girl stuff - real, physically painful bullying.

Boys Over Flowers

When I think of bullying in dramas I immediately think of the scene in Boys Over Flowers when Jandi gets eggs and flour thrown at her because she's not as high of social standing as the rest of the students.
Scenes like this have occurred in other dramas as well, and are shocking every single time.
In the drama “Angry Mom” (which I haven't seen) Kim Hee Sun plays a mom so desperate to protect her child from bullying that she enrolls at her school pretending to be a student.
It's sort of a funny idea, but it also shows that bullying is a big enough problem in schools that pop culture comments on it. Again, I haven't seen it but it seems to touch on bullying in a more serious way as the drama continues.
Has anyone seen this?

School 2013

In the beginning of the drama, Lee Jong Suk's character is constantly bullied and beaten to the point of bleeding. He is the main target of the class bully, and to make matter worse, in Korea you don't change classes. You're stuck with the same people for the entire year, all day long.
According to KDRAMASTARS, a video recently released by Samsung Group, shows that 50% of students will ignore bullying even if they witness it directly.
That's why the company works with the Seoul Government on a system so that any student who sees another student being bullied can push a button that notifies a teacher. During the project trial, 106 calls were made that led to counseling sessions that prevented bullying!

What has your reaction been to bullying in Korean Dramas?

What dramas have had bullying in them that you remember?
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Alot of korean dramas and films really focus in on the bullying aspect of society. Most korean horror movies that are set in a school, have most likey had the "ghost" be a student that was bullied to the point that they were killed or they comitted suicide. In dramas such as the ones described and other ones like Monstar depict the horrors of bullying and how it can follow you and effect you in the future. Even in Good Doctor Joo Wons character was constantly looked down upon due to his disability, and ge was bullied from his childhood all the way into adult hood by his coworkers. Bullying has become a big issue and in kdramas/kmovies and jdramas/jmovies really try to grab peoples attention on such cruelty and inhumanity.
I too notice this in so many dramas that I thought to myself.How bad is bullying in Korea? I mean here in the U.S it's more cyberbullying and mean words.But there it seems more physical and psychological.
who are you school 2015 and heirs has the bullying theme in it as well bullying is such a huge crazy matter everywhere I am glad they were able to prevent some bullying acts coming up with a solution that actually worked in US this needs to happen as well as being a victim of bullying myself i know how it feels i know how crazy it can be when its just an another for them. ts such a trivial matted we all need to stand up tgthr against it i really if we can all spread along the msg that its ok to ask for help which more kids choose not to more and more bullying acts can be prevented and education is the key factor here needed as well maybe a different methpd but more needs to be done well we r definitely making progress thgh.
And that was nothing compared to what they did to Jandi(Tsukushi) in the Manga and anime
School 2013 really touched on the whole concept on bullying not just the students but the parents also put alot of pressure on their kids. And guy gets beaten by his dad to the point he ends up in the hospital