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Well I have not been on here as much. Life is so busy right now. BUT I have not forgotten about my favorite social community and mis amigos on here. My gift to you is the small Jimin overload. Now some ppl may have already seen this clips, but hey you can never see them too much! These clips highlight the sexiness of BTS Jimin. Plus some comments maybe not for non mature ppl. Therefore this card is for mature individuals.

I hope you enjoy!


I can't comprehend!! Sexy overload!

I'm dying for real though!

The song is a little....uh...for grown ppl lol.

Hungry why wait? lol

Oh wow!
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😍😍😍😍😍 *feels feels feels feels~~~~~~~~****
Feels overload I love you card (be still my heart!) 😍😍😍
@OliviaZenger I made a not human noise again... I'm broken.. Cannot handle.
@amobigbang Hahahah
hungry for Jibooty xD