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Witchcraft & Wizardry or Action Comics?

Of course it's an impossible choice. Grow up in the world of Harry Potter and the Golden Trio, or be on the Avengers career path? Plenty of us are still waiting for our Hogwarts letter even as we're planning our next Marvel cosplay. But if you had to pick... and I *dare* you to pick: Which would you choose?
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I would like to go to Hogwarts anytime that didn't have Harry in it. So like, after the Battle of Hogwarts would be awesome. But definitely hands down wizarding world.
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enroll me into the avengers initiative
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@baileykayleen lol that seems like a good way to keep safe
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Definitely Hogwarts. No doubt. My entire childhood grew up with harry potter :) picking the avengers would be like betrayal to my best friend!!
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