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It's time to claim this hero!

Here's the situation Marvelers: Spider-Man still hasn't picked a side. Which means it could go either way for #TeamCap or #TeamStark! He's an important player, so you're going to have to convince him to join your side!

Here's how it works:

You have to do your best to convince Spidey to join your team!
Plead your case, tell him why your side is the most true and just!
Bonus points for anyone who makes a card!

Good luck teams!

we have Deadpool. you like deadpool, right spidey? Krystal: i'll bake you my fabulous famous cosmic tripple chocolate brownies...
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Stark: "I don't work well with others." Captain: "Sorry. Your webs can't stick to my vibranium shield, pal." Spidey: "I sit down and watch some anime." Everyone: "Great idea!" *And they all lived happily ever after.*
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