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Recently the National Videogame Museum announced that they're opening their doors in their first permanent home in Frisco, Texas. There isn't much news about this yet but it's still something that I find pretty exciting for a couple of reasons. It means that video games can finally be taken seriously in a public space.
It seems there are a lot of us that really do believe that games have the power to be an art form as well as a tool to bring us together but most of the time we stay in our own circles. It's been hard to break out of the idea that people who play games are exclusionary especially because of the recent event that shouldn't be talked about for the rest of forever that happened.
It's also exciting because there hasn't been anything in place to keep the games of old in working fashion. Game history wasn't a thing that was ever thought about because no one ever believed that game culture would expand the way it did. I'm really excited for this museum to find a permanent home because I can start planning a trip to Texas after they open next month.
I think the documentation of video games is something that needs to happen if we ever want to share our past-time with future generations. Sure, there will be documentaries I could probably show my future children (yeah, children, I want to have kids) but I think a better experience for them would be to take them somewhere they can experience games the way I did (especially in the case of arcades).
Here's to hoping that the National Videogame Museum stays in Texas for a long time.