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We need to help our new Marvelers!

There's lots of cool new people in our community, and some of them have expressed interest in reading more comics. Which is awesome! And it's a great opportunity for the more knowledgeable fans among us to share what they know!
I created a Marvel For Beginners collection to keep everything together!

Let's make this a community project!

Here's how to help:

Make a card about your three favorite comics!


Share three comics a beginner should start with for your favorite character!

Fanboys too! We don't discriminate here ^_^

Giving people three to start with will help keep newbies from getting overwhelmed! I'm sure they'll appreciate your recs and come back for more.


Let's make it our goal to have at least one recommendation per week so we can keep up with all the fast readers out there!

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alright would love to make them already got my three top heroes
2 years agoReply
@SparkRIDE and @BeannachtOraibh made some totally awesome comics recs! Keep 'em coming everyone ^_^
2 years agoReply
Ultimate spiderman. Wolverine snikt. Marvel civil war.
2 years agoReply
@Bakuman247 all excellent ones :D
2 years agoReply
@shannonl5 those are my faves honestly
2 years agoReply