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a while ago I posted a card about who would win in a fight between naruto and goku (if u hadn't seen it check my DBZ folder below). I've checked the comments and it seems that goku still won despite being at a disadvantage.
I know what your thinking isn't putting a god against a human not a fair fight, and yes your right but this is just to prove to the die hard naruto fans that naruto has nothing on goku.
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@OGv6FATE OK what's their name, cause I'm about to make acard
@OGv6FATE beerus vs
Kaguya can't die, she can only be sealed and her All Killing Ash Bones destroy anything on a cellular level. Not only that but, she can warp reality, travel through dimensions, and warp dimensions.
@OGv6FATE that would be a good fight
Damn goku fanboys. Goku is cool, yes, but he can't destroy a planet. He can destabilize the planets core and blow it up that way, but naruto has planet busting attacks, he stopped Toneris sword that effortlessly cut the moon in half, when the creator of naruto said the earth in naruto, is about 8 times the size of the real earth, the moon scaled to fit. Naruto would win, hands down, even against super Saiyan God goku