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What has Anime taught you?
It's truly amazing how we can learn so much from a TV show that it makes me think that perhaps schools should use certain anime shows to teach life values, i.e. psychology teachers could use it for multiple reasons, but they could see how many students could apply those hidden or obvious lessons to real life situations.
I noticed that a lot of anime shows have lessons woven into them (some obvious others deeply hidden) and I want to know what anime, in general, has taught you? For example, Naruto has taught me that I control my life not those around me, Bleach has taught me to stand up for your beliefs no matter what, Dragonball Z taught me... well, let's just say it taught me a lot. But that's what I got from those shows and I have some others that would make this longer than it needs to be. What have you guys got from these shows or any others?
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All the animes I have seen they taught me how to survive the real world
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one piece has taught me to not be afraid to be your self naruto to never stop trying bleach to not abandon your friends fairy tale to never stop bealving in your self broken and battered you can still do somthing and berserk taught me to never forget and to continue to get stronger
2 years ago·Reply
One Piece had taught me that no matter how alone I may seem, there will be someone down the road that was meant to be with me. Everything else, I can't really put into words.
2 years ago·Reply
Black Butler taught me that no matter what you will have someone who will look out for you, wether you know it or not. It also taught me to be strong at the toughest of times because it's my choice to pick my future, and to use my pain and sorrow to push myself forward.
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In general, I learned that none if my romances are going to be as cute as the anime ones. I mean shoot, fan fiction trumps my nonexistent sex life.... ugh. Romance.
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