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Can they top the Noto/Edmonson duo?

Marvel announced the return of creative team Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee (best known for their work on Daredevil) for their upcoming solo Black Widow series. I've written about the recent Black Widow arc here, and we're not going to see anything concrete about this new one for a while (it's not due until 2016) but there are a few things to get excited about.

The creative team is top-notch.

They work together well, and their Daredevil run was compelling and gritty- the perfect tone for Black Widow. The cover art they've released shows that they're ready to work together again on this new project.

They're not forgetting what came before.

While the new series will start up eight months after the old one ends, they'll be drawing from the events of the Edmonson/Noto series. New readers will be able to jump in without needing to be caught up, but they don't intend to disappoint loyal fans either (via).

"We’ve started coming up with a new Big Bad for Widow -- she’s had a few big opponents over the years, but I think this is the biggest threat to her."

A lot of fans have given up hope that the character will ever get her own solo movie. And while chances are slim that it will happen with the current film cast, a popular series with a film-friendly antagonist might be enough of a push to make it happen.

How pumped are you for this series?

I'm sure you all loved the last one- do you think this one will be just as good?
@ypl333 @kuzuri96 @chris98vamg @Kirooken lol I'm gonna be waiting outside the door on new comic book day
A promising project, indeed
I sounds AMAZING!!! I can't wait!! (\ ^~^/)
I am!
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