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It was sooo Hard picking only 3 of my fave because I have seen sooo many but these are what I was finally able to choose to share with everyone.
First let's start out with my All Time Fave (Jang Ok Jung live in love) it's a historical Drama and boy do I love a good back in the days Drama. The drama follows the life of OK Jung and how she fell in love with A prince. The actors are soo Amazing in this drama.
Then we Happily go on tooo.... (That winter, The wind blows) A sexy con artist and A Blind girl, what kind of couple does that make??? A great one the story line to drama was A1 just loved everything about and it gave me plenty of FEEEEELS.
Lastly ROOFTOP PRINCE!!!! Probably one of the funniest Kdramas I have ever watched lol (I am cracking up just think about It) Micky acting was superb. I really enjoyed how this drama was a time traveling experience, travel from the josen Era to the present n after watching this drama I had Try Park Ha candy during my stay in Korea XD Th
Thanks for stopping by !!!! #Kdramas @kpopandkimchi
Rooftop Prince is one of my FAVS! Micky and the whole gang of people from the past are so hilarious and the main actress is beautiful!! Definitely a good place to start for people just getting into kdrama :D
Rooftop Prince was the first kdrama I ever saw. I love it. I love all the characters.
rooftop prince was funny, but I cried more than anything. those characters had some heartbreaking lives
@kpopandkimchi yup yup that's what I started my cousin off on n now she is crae crae for kdramas