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So it seems that the latest news in the Health world is another "THIS CAN KILL YOU" scare.

This week's offender?

Vegetable oil.

Cooking with vegetable oil releases toxic chemicals linked to cancer and even the degeneration of the brain, according to experts... When heated, corn, sunflower, palm and soya [soy] bean oils – often called "vegetable" oils – release chemicals called aldehydes which have been linked to various cancers and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.
Well, that doesn't sound fun. According to new findings by British researchers (which, um, were actually the result of an experiment on the hit British reality show, "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor"), lard, butter, olive and coconut oils were all found to be healthier choices for pan frying.
Yet vegetable oil has been linked to heart disease, cancer, inflammation, rising blood pressure and mental health.
Not good! I'm not usually one to believe the hype surrounding "THIS COMMON HOUSEHOLD ITEM CAN KILL YOU" news, but in this case, it sounds like we might be wise to limit our frying in vegetable oil.
Hang on a sec, I never do that anyway. All about the olive oil, baby!

What do you think? Going to cut down on veg oils? Or is this just another scare?

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glad I use Olive oil
I've known this for awhile. I like using olive oil anyway.
lard is better??? goodness
Yeah I was suprised by the lard thing too! It just sounds like no matter what you use, you're going to be exposed to health risks of some sort... I'm with @BeannachtOraibh @mchlyang and @InPlainSight. Might as well enjoy life and eat what you love ^_^ a balanced diet and a little physical activity goes a long way