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Jacques Sayagh is a French 50-something-year-old homeless man who has been living on the streets for years, but that hasn't stopped him from his dream of becoming a bodybuilder.
Even though living on the streets can hold a lot of people back from taking care of their physique, Sayagh exercises in the street and he tries to stick on a diet. He also doesn't smoke nor drink.
According to Jeune Afrique, Sayagh's life went into shambles and it was then he crashed into the world of cocaine and homelessness. When he had tested positive for HIV, that is when he decided to change his life. His son was the one who encouraged him to get clean. And he did. Sayagh now meditates, exercises, and tries to take care of his overall health as best as he can.
"I don't want to live in a small apartment," he says in the video above."People do not understand why I sleep on the floor, but I never feel cold."
And like what @mchlyang always says: "Circumstances don't dictate champions."
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Ah, don't be. Everyone has their own different hardships. But this guy is definitely an inspiration. @Animaniafreak
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@kamiamon don't be so hard on yourself!!!
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there's nothing wrong with you, you should never be ashamed of yourself, just because someone is fit and muscular doesn't mean compare them to yourself. your not them, you are you, and there's no one else like you, don't try to be someone else, be you and be happy your one of a kind.
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@KyleMelendrez you said that perfectly
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