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This is how my (other) fridge looks like, all ready for friday's party. As you can si, there is A LOT of home-made red and white wine, quite some beer, some mixing drinks like coke (wine and coke is very popular in Slovenia) and of course... we have meat to grill! :) It looks like it is gonna be a sunny day, so I am looking forward to grill (and have a drink as well) :)
say whaaat? vine is THE drink to party with here in Slovenia. We have a lot of wine, especially in my home town. It is tasty and waaay cheaper :) @alywoah Tho, we do have vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey nights as well.
Yeah, here in the states we usually just leave the wine as is. Unless we're making sangria. And wine is definitely not a drink for younger people to party with lol. It's more for relaxing, paired with dinner, or had at more sophisticated/classy events....Althoughhhh the soda is added to whisky, rum, vodka, gin, ect.
really? Red wine and coke is like THE drink for youngsters when out partying, some mix it with white wine as well, but I prefer Fanta Orange for white wine, if I even mix it :)
That's definitely new to me*
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