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This is how my (other) fridge looks like, all ready for friday's party. As you can si, there is A LOT of home-made red and white wine, quite some beer, some mixing drinks like coke (wine and coke is very popular in Slovenia) and of course... we have meat to grill! :) It looks like it is gonna be a sunny day, so I am looking forward to grill (and have a drink as well) :)
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That's definitely new to me*
really? Red wine and coke is like THE drink for youngsters when out partying, some mix it with white wine as well, but I prefer Fanta Orange for white wine, if I even mix it :)
Yeah, here in the states we usually just leave the wine as is. Unless we're making sangria. And wine is definitely not a drink for younger people to party with lol. It's more for relaxing, paired with dinner, or had at more sophisticated/classy events....Althoughhhh the soda is added to whisky, rum, vodka, gin, ect.
say whaaat? vine is THE drink to party with here in Slovenia. We have a lot of wine, especially in my home town. It is tasty and waaay cheaper :) @alywoah Tho, we do have vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey nights as well.