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You guys know I'm a thirsty lil sh*t but that doesn't mean I'm not the bashful type. I'd die. Forreal. BUT OMG THIS WOULD BE THE MOST AMAZING THING. EVER. @PassTheSuga You feel me ( ͒•·̫|
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@aabxo omg i couls totes do that
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I have no shame. I'd do the whole introduce yourself to your row mate and exchange pleasantries thing. Then, I'd whip out my phone (lock screen is currently BIGBANG from the ALIVE album), I wouldn't be discreet, I'd very obvious about it. And if he doesn't say "oh, that's my band" or "oh, you're a fan?", I'll just put it out there and say I'm a fan. I won't be nervous, too loud or whatever. Just normal and matter of fact and let the situation unfold as it may.
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Or, I might screw with him by pretending not to recognize him and then whip out all my screens with his image on them. And when he reacts to it, saying "oh, you're a fan?" I'll say yeah, he's in my favorite band and he has such a good voice, yada yada... Acting as if I'm not talking to him at that instant. And then when he tries to tell me he IS that guy, I'll say "nice try, but you don't look like him at all. Believe me, I'd know if I was sitting next to him!"
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@Helixx Haha! I think that would make me more comfortable! IF THAT EVER HAPPENS 😂
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@Helixx that's too funny.
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