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As women, we love a classic item.

When you think of classic items, you immediately think of timeless pieces that woman have been purchasing from years. If you aren't familiar with any, you can check out my card [here]. Although most classic pieces will cost you a pretty penny, they don't have to. When I posted my card on classic items every woman needs I had a list of your typical designer pieces from coats to jewelry and @amobigbang reached out expressing her feelings towards the prices of the items.
Not every woman is going to want to spend a couple months rent on a bag and that's understandable. Guess what? You don't have to. You can still get the classic item without the college tuition price tag. Just in case you're that woman and curious as to what these affordable classic items might be, keep scrolling.

The Perfect Red Lip

Because every classic woman needs a classic red lip.

The Nude Pointed Heel

Every woman doesn't need to own a pair of red bottoms to have a great heel, especially a great nude heel. Trust me, nude is the new black.

The Timeless Watch

Time is money and of course, every woman wants to look like money. You need yourself an amazing watch for an amazing price.

The Wrap Coat

The next best thing to the trench coat is definitely the wrap coat. It will keep you warm and stylish -- and let's not forget that it's affordable ladies.

Ladies, hopefully this modified version suits you better.

Let's get to shopping!
Wrap Coat, that's what I'm talking about
The wrap coat is definitely an amazing piece. Love it! @mchlyang