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so im actually happy that I think I'm the second one to make a card of the new group called M.CROWN theirs isn't that much information on them but all this is my opinion and some from a so they debuted with this track called "dodaemumun" and it's actually really catchy and good but of course they also can dance I'm just amazed how Koreans are so talented. I'm just jelious that I can't even do the cha-cha, dodaemumun is roughly translated to "nothing can stop the big thief" as they steal the girl's heart by all this boys M.Crown! The song is upbeat with a funky beat while the boys' high vocals and rough rapping make you want to "follow, follow" them.  Their tough and sexy dancing, their guyliner, and their chiseled features will make you a fan in no time. I remember seeing a video here in vingle but I don't remember wen I wish I had theirs names and such but I don't I instantly became a fan I will try really hard to get their names I hope they become huge success I will be rutting for you guys..!!
So here are to videos one is the official MV and the other one is them performing at the melon awards I hope you guys enjoy it like I did..!
Holy shit Ruan looks like Taehyung and I don't know the others name but one of them looks like Sunggu from High4. Also Laon is adorable and also maknae and also reminds me of a platinum Wooshin. I can dig them.
The really blond one reminds me of Amber Liu for some reason
@MorganElisabeth they're not bad. We should keep an eye on them.
@MorganElisabeth mistakes were made. It was not Ruan. I think his name is L.Bin? I still haven't learned them all aside from Laon. Haha!
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