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Dam that cuts deep
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Itachi: "Not for long you don't..."
2 years ago·Reply
Except that Obito never knew his parents…
2 years ago·Reply
and his name is....JOHN CENAAA! the one time kakashi gets owned
2 years ago·Reply
@SamanthaRae19 Incorrect, because Kishimoto never showed them. Sakura parents wasnt shown, does that mean she also didnt know her parents?
2 years ago·Reply
@joshuaalexis I saying in the anime that Obito grew up not knowing his parents. It's during the whole time when Kakashi was comparing Obtio when he was young to Naruto. Sakura on the other hand has had actual conversation with her mom in the anime (after Rock Lee got hurt and before Sasuke left, I think). It was alway through a door but I say that counts a proof that Sakura a least has a mom in the picture. And back when team 7 was first formed Sakura was complaining about her mom and said that Naruto was lucky not to have parents to Sasuke and Sasuke got mad at her for saying that.
2 years ago·Reply