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I was standing in my old school building and aliens like creatures trying to kill me ..they kill all my friends,family, everybody I know and those to weak or to scared to fight back I have no where left to run what's going on what's with this fucked up world.. Then I realized it wasn't me they were after but a three months pregnant girl who was with me a year ago she went missing the police and the whole town searched for her in vain. Then two weeks ago she popped out of nowhere and that's when the apocalypse began. the sky was booming with "OVNI"* people runs in all directions some drops on their knees and started praying a god who seems to have abandoned them..Nellie,her name was Nellie, according to her words she was the subject to an alien experiment the "Mangoles" (like she called them) were devastated by war,they were attacked by other aliens race, and so they started coming to earth and abducted young female earthling. apparently she was a perfect match with the DNA of some kind of dying Queen's eggs inside her and she was the first female human capable of growing the eggs in her body...she somehow escape them and that's when I found her in the woods by the town lake while on a fishing trip with my dog "coco" I took pity on her and before I knew it I'm fighting scary monsters,drones creepy aliens like Scorpio (who explode when they close to you ) to protect her. why? I don't know but my instinct keep telling me and pushing me to protect her I wasn't scared to jump in front of laser guns and "Mangoles" and shield her from any kind of attacks.. was it only my instinct pushing me to take such risks countless times ? ... I promised to her that I will fight my way through storms and mountains(more like giants monsters and unknown flying aliens planes) to find her a cure and get her back to normal (because she was starting to turn and was half alien already because of the blood In her) and when I finally reach in a far underground what seems to be an old abandoned military lab I met Ben a self-proclaimed genius..bloody fighting after bloody fighting nearly die several times (although I couldn't even if I get blown up) we managed to push a wave of Mangoles and barricades ourselves in the lab the mad scientist ( that's how I call Ben ) finally started to work on a serum. he made what was call a cure for all humanity and probably can also be use against the "Mangoles" as a weapon I took the serum out of his hands inject it In her vain, then suddenly I felt like the place started to turn upside down I saw the ceiling moving far away from me,everything went black I could hear a voice far far away calling my name.. I don't know if the cure worked cause there was 90% chance she would completely turn and die if the serum fail......then i woke up in my room my brother shaking me and calling my name and told me it was time for school. What is all a dream or did I managed to leap in the future and the apocalypse was coming?. To be continued!!! (or not) Title: Alicia23 Idea : Jannellvillanue /Jenie