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Recently a cosmetics brand The Saem revealed a lipstick advertisement featuring G-Dragon. In the revealed advertisement, G-Dragon is wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses and holding a red lipstick in his mouth. One would guess that a male celebrity advertising a female product like red lipsticks would look weird, but G-Dragon manages to make it look stylish with his androgynous looks. He did not just stop at advertising the product; he even put on the red lipstick himself, flaunting beautiful and yet charismatic red lips in the advertisement. Global eco brand the Saem released a new signature color “Global Eco Red,” signifying passion, freedom, transformation, harmony, courage, audacity, fun, and abundance. The Saem will give out free G-Dragon posters to the first 20,000 customers buying the “Global Eco Red Lipstick.” This event will begin on March 21 at all the Saem retail stores in Korea. my Opinion : i think that this is so weird,! like if i was a guy i would hate to advertising on something like this!!!!,,,,,what is happening to our society!,,,,,,maybe in 10 years time, guys will start advertising for woman pads! !this is crazy!